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If in your travels you discover a History employee in the woods, chopping down trees and fashioning a raft out of the timber, it’s likely to be because the network is ending its swords and shields drama, VIKINGS, at the conclusion of its sixth season. But fear not, my friends, for VIKINGS creator Michael Hirst and MGM Television have already announced (via Deadline) that a new series is being planned for the acclaimed franchise. What’s more is that the new VIKINGS venture will hail from the same creative team as the original series, Hirst and feature writer Jeb Stuart (DIE HARD, LOCK UP). Recently, the series wrapped its production of season six, which is expected to make its History channel debut later this year, with the finale expected to land sometime in 2020.

Often described as Hirst’s pride and joy, the scripted series series began in 2013 and followed the harrowing journey of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), his family, and the warrior’s band of Viking brothers in arms. Modeled after real-life historical events, VIKINGS followed a semi-set path throughout the years, as it aimed to tell tale of Lothbrok’s many hardships, victories, and intense battles against oncoming hordes. Hirst has served as the mastermind of the series, writing every episode himself while deciding who lives and dies along the expedition.

During its time on History, VIKINGS has been viewed as a game-changer for MGM TV, as the series’ success has lead to such high-profile programs as A HANDMAID’S TALE and FARGO getting their shot at the big time. Hirst, who has a first-look deal at MGM, is currently developing a drama alongside famed filmmaker Martin Scorsese that takes place in Ancient Rome. When ready, the aforementioned project is likely to land at Epix, an MGM-owned network, who’s been keeping a watchful eye on the venture for some time.

Are you a fan of VIKINGS? Are you excited by the prospect of following a new group of soldiers into the unknown? Let us know in the comments section below.

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