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Controversies favourite child, singer Mika Singh is yet again in a soup as a 17-year-old girl has accused him of allegedly harassing her by sending her indecent photographs.

Following a compalint by the minor, Mika Singh has been detained in UAE. The singer was in Dubai for an awards function. 

However, this is not the first time that Mika Singh has been engulfed in a controversy. From harassing a model a few years ago to slapping a doctor, Mika has been in news for all the wrong reasons.

But one of the incidents that became the talk of the town and attracted a lot of attention was Mika Singh’s infamous kiss with entertainer Rakhi Sawant. 

In the year 2006, the singer indulged in a controversial kiss with Rakhi at his birthday bash.

The kiss created a hullabaloo and even dragged Mika Singh to the court.

However, this infamous kiss also opened doors of stardom for the singer, who was making it to the headlines every now and then, then. 

In an interview, while speaking about the kiss, Mika Singh had said, “I had thrown a party to celebrate my birthday at Someplace Else Pub in Andheri (Mumbai) and had invited only selected few friends, including famous music director Ashish Sherwood (Rakhi’s ex-boyfriend). I had strictly avoided Rakhi because of her obnoxious temperament. However to my dismay she arrived with Ashish and began to be over friendly with me. I did not bother and was enjoying the party.”

He further went on to say, “Everything was fine and even Rakhi Sawant was enjoying the party. However things turned dramatic when Rakhi tried to apply cake on my face. I had instructed everyone to not apply cake on my face as I suffer from skin allergy. but Rakhi went ahead despite my warnings, hence I lost my temper and in oredr to teach her a lesson I kissed her in public.”

Humiliated by the act, Rakhi Sawant created a ruckus. She and her friends began a brawl, wherein her boyfriend tried smashing Mika’s bodyguard’s head with a beer bottle, but was instead beaten.

Rakhi then left the scene and continued grabbing media’s attention and dragged Mika to the court by alleging molestation charges.

Well, after this case Mika Singh has been involved in several controversies and continues to be the controversy king. 

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