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As DC continues to chart a bold new course of action for their cinematic universe, it’s been announced exclusively by The Wrap that DC and Warner Bros. are developing a feature film centered around the Latino superhero Jamie Reyes a.k.a. Blue Beetle. Penning the screenplay is Mexican-born writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, who most recently wrote the script for MISS BALA starring Gina Rodriguez, Anthony Mackie, and Thomas Dekker. Zev Foreman will executive produce for Warner Bros.

According to DC’s ever-changing continuity, Jamie Reyes is the third character to assume the mantle of the Blue Beetle after Dan Garret and Ted Kord. Created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner, Jamie Reyes happened upon the Blue Beetle scarab while walking home from school with two of his best friends Paco and Brenda. After bringing the strange object home for further inspection, the mysterious object sprang to life and attached itself to the base of Reyes’ spine. As a result, Reyes gained control of a temperamental suit of extraterrestrial armor that has the ability to grant its wearer with enhanced speed and strength. As an added bonus to the unique suit, the Blue Beetle armor is able to create weapons, shields, and wings out of its otherworldly materials.

When BLUE BEETLE arrives, it will stand as the first stand-alone feature film from the studio centering on a Latino lead. If you’ve not read the Blue Beetle comics from DC Comics, you may recall that the character was featured in DC’s animated series YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION as well as DC SUPER HERO GIRLS. If you’re looking to experience a live action version of the character before this exciting new project comes to fruition, be sure to check out Jaren Brandt Bartlett as Blue Beetle in SMALLVILLE.

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