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CBFC Chief Pahalaj Nihalani is very upset due to the cuts are given in his film Rangila Raja. Nihalani’s upcoming movie is starring Govinda has faced over 20 cuts from CBFC. He has knocked the door of the Bombay High Court and is waiting for the bench to take a decision on 12th November. Nihalani believes that 20 cuts given to his film are absolutely wrong a decision. According to Nahalani his film is absolutely fine and he has been in the industry for many years.

“CBFC has ordered too many cuts in my film. The release date of the movie has come very close and hence the matter is now in the court. CBFC has not followed any guidelines. I have also been a part of CBFC and I have never made any movies that could have anything worth a cut. The decision of the court is still awaited and it is hard to say if the movie will be released on the decided date.” 

Nihalani also adds that he has full faith in the judicial system of India and believes that this is being done to remove hostility with him, his film is completely clean. 

Pahalaj Nihalani also told the media that Prasun Joshi, who is the current CBFC Chief, is not fit at all for this chair and clearly works under the pressure of the government. 

Khalid Kidwai, the producer of the Ram Bhajan Zindabad movie believes that by going now, the first one who will understand what the pain of the film’s release is Nihalani himself. 

Khalid alleges that his film was to be released in 2016 and has not yet been released due to undue delays by Nahalani. Khalid says that Pahalaj Nihalani did not even see his film for several months even after the release date had passed. The film was seen and it was rejoined after which Khalid had to escalate the matter to the court. Khalid also accuses Nahalani of the delay and huge losses faced by him as all his financiers withdrew from the film. Now is the only time that Pahalaj Nihalani shall face the music. 

Pahalaj Nihalani’s tenure has been the most controversial and conservative term of any CBFC chairman. No other Chairman had made the headlines for all such reasons in the history. 

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