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Embracing the R-rating has been just one of the key ingredients to making the past two DEADPOOL movies such marvelous successes, but this holiday season Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) will be stuffing his potty mouth into his big sack and going PG-13 for ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL. The upcoming, limited-time theatrical release will be something the whole family can enjoy, and the poster is here to spread some of that holiday cheer. That reindeer has no idea how lucky he is that this a PG-13 outing.

The poster for the upcoming DEADPOOL 2 redux finds actor Fred Savage taking the reins of the noble beast while Deadpool, the flowery maiden he has always been, drapes his arms over him – probably feeling very safe and secure.

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL will combine edited footage from DEADPOOL 2 with new footage of our title character reading a story to Savage a la THE PRINCESS BRIDE, which found Savage in the same position 30 years ago, but that time with a slightly less crass Peter Falk.

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL arrives December 12.

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