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Fans of BRAVEHEART and historical medieval films are sure to flock to OUTLAW KING, director David Mackenzie’s epic-scale actioner that seeks to capture the tale of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, who fought for Scottish independence from England during the reighn of Edward I (as portrayed by Game of Thrones’ Stephen Dillane here). I had the opportunity to talk to Mackenzie, as well as Chris Pine, who plays Robert the Bruce, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays his right-hand man, James Douglas, as well as Tony Curran (as Angus) and Billy Howle, who portrays the Prince of Wales in a very different way that what we saw in BRAVEHEART, albeit with many of the same characteristics and issues. Personally, I thought the film was great and loved soaking in the history and legend of it all, while the cast was amazing. Check out some of my Edinburgh adventures, including some archery, falconry and interviews inside Borthwick Castle.

OUTLAW KING debuts on Netflix and in select theaters this Friday, November 9th.

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