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The 4400 was a sci-fi TV series which aired on the USA Network for four season between 2004-2007 and developed a cult following until it was ultimately cancelled before its time. Like most things these days, The 4400 is now set to make a comeback at The CW as CBS Studios, who produced the original series, are said to be developing a reboot of The 4400. The official logline reads much the same as it did the first time around

Over the course of recent history, 4,400 young adults in their reproductive prime have gone missing all over the world — some disappearances happened as recently as a few weeks ago, while others date as far back as the infamous day the Soviets launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957. One day in 2019, all 4,400 show up at the sites of their original abductions. None of them have aged a day; none have any memory of where they’ve been. The so called “4400” must grapple with their return to a changed and hostile world… and also contend with the reality that they’ve come back altered in ways that none of them yet understand.

The reboot will be written and executive produced by Craig Sweeny (Elementary), who got his start on the original series, and Taylor Elmore (Justified), who will also be serving as show-runner should the project move forward. As reboots go, I can’t say that I mind this particular one. I can recall watching the first season of The 4400 back in the day and enjoying it, although for whatever reason I didn’t continue with the series. Slapping a fresh coat of paint on a sci-fi/drama series full of mystery and superhuman abilities might just do the trick.

Any 4400 fans out there who are pleased to learn of its return?

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