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UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi will be arrive in Hyderabad on November 22 to campaign for the upcoming state Telangana assembly elections. Congress president Rahul Gandhi is also set to start his travel across the state on the same day to cover over 10 venues as part of poll campaign.

The Telangana unit of the Congress party, who are still looking for a venue for the Sonia Gandhi rally, is pulling out all the stops for the party bigwigs. Sources in the party said that the stat unit is toying with the idea of propping up huge LEDs across assembly segments to relay Sonia’s speech.

“The idea is that we hold Facebook Lives and other interactive sessions, as well as meeting with local leaders in over 119 assemblies. Soniaji’s speech will be relayed to them through the LEDs,” said the party member, adding that the party’s state unit has been working on a list of programmes to welcome Sonia.

Sonia is likely to speak between 5 and 6pm on November 22, while the LEDs will relay the speech an hour later. Simultaneous meetings will be held across the 119 segments, after which Gandhi’s speech will be aired in the meetings. Gandhi’s campaign will come just days after the final deadline of withdrawal of nominations.

While the UPA chairperson will be in Telangana only once, her son Rahul Gandhi is likely to be travelling in the state, at the same time when he will be carrying out campaigns in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan.


Sonia Gandhi will be in the state only for the day. Party leaders are planning to organise meetings across the state on that day and relay Gandhi’s speech using LED screens.

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