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Audiences may have to wait until the end of days for a new Superman outing, but in the meanwhile, we’re getting an assortment of random origin stories about anyone who has spoken to Batman, like a TV series around his bachelor butler Alfred Pennyworth. Also still definitely on the way is the upcoming standalone JOKER movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, which features a sizeable role for Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s daddy. Brett Cullen is playing the character and thanks to some shutterbugs we got our first look at him on set. Hint: He looks rich. 

The pic can be thrown on the pile of all the other pictures that have made their way online, including several looks at Phoenix in his clown makeup, as well as a look at Zazie Beetz in her role. As for Cullen, he looks like the typical 80s billionaire, fit with a three-piece suit, long coat, and that slicked-back, Eric Trump hairdo that screams, “I’m rich and can afford hair products!”

Along with the pic is a video of Phoenix shooting a scene as Arthur Fleck, one wherein he’s chasing down Wayne for some reason. As the footage continues, we see Phoenix’s Fleck skulking around what must be Wayne Enterprises, giving us a clue as to where this story is taking this pre-Clown Prince of Crime.

Alec Baldwin was originally going to play Wayne before having to drop out, and there are signs that point to this take on Wayne being a bit of a prick. I mean, he must be to make a man like Fleck run and biff it on the ground without giving him the time of day. The movie does take place in the 80s, so giving him that type of Wall Street persona makes a bit of sense, so consider me curious as to where this whole thing goes. 

The JOKER movie is set for October 2019. 

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