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Being one of his favourite destinations, singer Jubin Nautiyal loves to visit the Pink City. For his sister’s wedding, the singer bought pagdis for both the gharatis and baratis from the Walled City. “This city is authentic and culturally rich in many ways. I love the colourful buildings in Jaipur,” says the Ankh Lad Jave singer. 

Ahead of his visit to the Pink City to promote his song Tum Se from the upcoming Bollywood film, Jalebi, Jubin gets candid with AFTERhrs to talk about heartbreak, rejecting a Bollywood film, and more. 

Broken Hearts Make Music 

From Ek Mulaqat, Kisi se Pyaar Ho Jaye, Bawra Mann and the latest, Sawarne lage to his single, Humnava Mera, the singer has churned out great romantic numbers. Jubin gives credit for the same to his heartbreak. “When you are in the 20-30 age group, you experience things; your voice fully develops, and you experience heartbreak. That’s what happened with me, so whenever I sing, I use my experiences. If it’s a sad song, I remember my heartbreak and for love, I remember my days of love,” shared the singer. 

Jubin is currently single and wants to focus on his music. “After that one heartbreak (laughs), I have become a better person and more focused about everything. In fact, I feel proud of myself for being able to sing like this,” he said.

No Acting In Films

Jubin, who recently acted in his single (Humnava Mera) for the first time, has also received an offer for a Bollywood film. “I am still growing as a singer and acting is not what I want to focus on. I was offered the role of an independent music maker, which I am! But I refused because I won’t be able to do justice to a film; someone will invest a huge amount of money on me and it will all go waste. That won’t be fair. I was also offered an ad film,” shared Jubin. 

“I am always seen playing the guitar or singing in the videos of my songs, but this was the first time that I acted. I did what I do when I am singing; rest of the cues were given by the director,” said Jubin. “I plan to act in my songs, since I have received a good response for Humnava. I am looking forward to play different characters in my songs,” he added.

The Flip Side Of Being A Celeb

While being a known face has its perks, there are drawbacks of being a celebrity too. Jubin got a taste of the same with an incident during one of this birthday parties. “Overall, life is good, but I miss seeing my nephew growing. He has turned 2 now! Then, there are people who try to take advantage of your public image. Luckily, I was at my hometown when I was accused (of molestation). People there know how I am and trusted that I could have never done that,” he expressed. “Had that incident taken place elsewhere in the country, it would have created chaos. I learnt my lesson — don’t party at public places. If at all, it should be at home,” he added, laughing.

An Hour Of Fan Mails 

The singer is really active when it comes to interacting with his fans and even visited a reality show to surprise one of them. “I grew from nothing. I have been through everything and I have earned it. I know how they feel when they are sending messages. I take out an hour everyday to reply to my fans on social media. In fact, I have a separate phone for social media. You also get to know a lot about your music as your fans give you honest feedback,” he shared. “I don’t let criticism pull me down. I was always told that I cannot do it — that I am bad. But I am like spring; when pulled down, I jump higher,” he added.

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