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Eight years ago, his happy life came to a standstill when Navdeep Singh was hit by truck in a road accident. All of 19, the accident left him with 100 per cent disability, besides rendering a life of misery to his family. In this shadow of gloom, the Delhi High Court has offered a glimmer of hope by announcing a compensation of Rs 2 crore in its latest judgment. National Insurance has been asked to pay Singh family. 

The court took into account future medical expenses given the costly line of treatment, loss of marriage prospects, pain and sufferings and disfigurement as some of the many reasons while awarding the relief.  

Singh, a young boy of 19, was at the threshold of a blooming life, having started his college when fate dealt a cruel blow to him on August 13, 2010 while he was visiting his parents in Sitarganj, Uttarakhand. 

Out for a ride on his motorcycle, he was hit by a speeding truck. The impact of the accident left him paraplegic for life, with no improvement even after several months of treatment at a private hospital in Delhi, which did not come cheap either. “The first three months he stayed at the hospital, we spent over Rs 50 lakh on medical bills. The ongoing treatment for 100 per cent disability has cost us a lot more,” says Singh’s sister Simran Joshan. This exorbitant cost has also been noted by the court in the judgment, mentioning special bed, mattress and other necessary requirements as reasons for increased compensation under future medical expenses for “good treatment”. 

Singh’s counsel Varun Sarin has appreciated the “landmark” ruling, one, which he says, will also help similar victims of road accidents where they require future medical treatment too. “The judgment is on humanitarian grounds as it takes care of the future requirements as well,”he further says. The future requirements are observed by Justice Sunil Gaur too in the judgment.“On the day of the accident, the injured was a first-year student of B.Com.

According to his mark-sheets, he was an average student and was aged about 19 years. Under the head of ‘loss of future earning capacity/future income, hence the loss of injured is reassessed as 30,24,000,”it reads. The court also granted a compensation of Rs 3 lakhs under the head ‘loss of marriage prospects’.

The monetary relief, meanwhile, is bittersweet victory for Singh’s family. As Joshan says, “This amount will not hear bring back the dreams we had for him, but we are still happy with the judgment. My parents have exhausted all their savings on expensive treatments. We need the money and moral strength to keep Navdeep going.”


  • The victim’s family had moved the HC against the earlier amount of Rs 65 lakhs awarded by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. Singh has now been granted Rs 1 crore and 65 lakh in compensation, at a 9 per cent per annum rate of interest, totalling the amount to about Rs 2 crores.

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