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We’re more than a year out from the standalone JOKER movie with Joaquin Phoenix, but already we’ve gotten our fair share of looks at him as the deranged supervillain. Recently, a short video of him in character dropped, culminating at the first look at him in the clown makeup. The makeup makes him look more like a demented Bozo the Clown than past versions of the character, and if the face alone wasn’t enough to freak you out a ton of new photos have surfaced of him with not only the face paint but the green hair as well.

The pics have been making their way around the web this weekend and seem to show Arthur/Joker on a subway platform with other people in clown masks around him. Whatever is going on the lead baddie seems to have more control and power than people may have been expecting he would at this point, so this further adds fuel to the “What the Hell is This Movie?” fire.


As well, director Todd Phillips shared the first photo of actress Zazie Beetz in the movie, and she looks quite distraught…and chilly.

Phoenix has proven time and time again how incredible of an actor he is and has delved deep into tormented, physical characters before, which makes me excited to see how he brings it all together for Joker. The look of the character may not have been what people were expecting, but I think that’s going to apply to everything we see in this movie. 

THE JOKER arrives October 4, 2019.

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