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Uwe Boll is the quintessential go-to when talking about the worst directors working today, rightfully being called the modern-day Ed Wood. Between movies like ALONE IN THE DARK, HOUSE OF THE DEAD, BLOODRAYNE and IN THE NAME OF THE KING the man has more movies that have gotten under 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes than any filmmaker should, and he’s become the scorn of movie bloggers everywhere. He’s not exactly one to stay quiet about his work or criticisms of it, but the new documentary, F*CK YOU ALL: THE UWE BOLL STORY, lets those he’s worked with share their experiences about working with the world’s most infamous auteur. Oh, and what would this movie be without LOTS of Uwe Boll?

Sporting interviews from the cast and crew of his past movies, as well as plenty of time with the man himself, THE UWE BOLL STORY also features tons of behind-the-scenes footage of the making of his movies, which looks like a fascinating glimpse at the making of not one, but numerous disasters. In short, this seems like required viewing for film buffs who want to step into the mind of an uncompromising and perhaps crazy filmmaker.

Boll is an easy target for sure, and his movies make that target incredibly easy to hit, but there’s something so fascinating about the methods of his madness. I really hope this documentary comes off like a real-life version of THE DISASTER ARTIST, telling the story of a man who has a dream of making movies even though he is clearly terrible at it.   

F*CK YOU ALL: THE UWE BOLL STORY will arrive in 2018.

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